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Loyalty Programs By Retailers

There has been a significant increase in the introduction of customer loyalty programs in the past few years and customers are also seen as responding to these programs positively. According to the National Retail Federation in the United States, today retailers face the most challenging task of promoting loyalty in their customers According to experts  considering the challenges faced by the retailers in the today’s competitive and globalized business environment, their prime focus has shifted from attaining higher sales targets and revenue generation to retaining their respective customers’ base.

Intrinsic And Extrinsic Approach to text

There are two ways of approaching any text, namely Intrinsic and extrinsic approach.

Intrinsic Approach

Intrinsic Attitude is mainly concerned with the form, language, style, symbols, images, contrast, structure, development of plot in a literary work. Words on the page

Literacy In Children With Disabilities

Children with disabilities may not be able to control parent-child exchanges connected to reading which is considered to be an essential part of home literacy experiences which can affect primary literacy acquisition. Parents of children with learning disabilities might not have the capacity or capability to help the child for reading books, and they also might dominate communication if the child does not have the capability to communicate. To make it easier for children to handle books, adaptations are available for turning pages. Page fluffers can be made by putting a large dot of hot glue in the corner of the page.

Literacy Development In Young Children

Efficient and successful literacy directions provide preschool children with suitable settings, materials experience, and the required social support to give confidence to children for the early forms of reading and writing that will gradually progress and develop into traditional literacy. These basics can be broken down into specific plans, methods or maneuvers with research skills for obtaining their goals. These approaches can be linked with elementary grade reading achievements which are considered the most effective way to make literacy activities meaning and enjoyable for children. The increasing and developing research on literacy for young children is rapidly growing into the essence of facts that is very useful for the daily practice of literary education.